Stepping into StartUp Part 2: An Easy 5 Step Plan To Find Your Perfect Business Name.

So you’ve done your research. Your kick-ass idea has legs. And you’re so excited you can’t sleep. But, what will you call it? How do you say it in a word or two? What will attract people to your venture? What if that name is taken?

It’s a tough job. Because it’s your own business you’re naming, you’re often too close to it and it’s tricky to see the wood for the trees. You keep looking down the same old well-trodden paths, when the ideal name might in fact be in a different forest.

These questions buzz around your head like moths to a cranial candle, as you flick on your laptop and open your ‘IdeaX’ spreadsheet. There they are again, staring back at you: two hundred possible monikers. A six-pack of Post-It notes later, and none of them jumps out at you. What do you do?

Follow this easy 5 step plan to find your perfect business name.

1. Make it memorable

2. Keep it short and simple

3. Check it’s not taken

4. Find your online presence

5. Register your Name

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