A Call out to the Major Grocery Chains to use their data and #payitforward

We are certainly in the midst of unprecedented times. It seems that the world has gone mad. The #CoronovirusAustralia has sent us all into lockdown. And it’s bringing out both the best and worst of society – mainly the worst.

Of particular interest to me is the shopping hysteria that is prevalent. Wherever you go the shelves are ransacked and almost bare. The major grocery retailers in Australia – Coles and Woolworths – are not able to keep up with the immediate demand of simple basics and, each time the stimulus package is updated, the cycle just seems to get worse.

Winners and Loser

There will be winners and losers. Soon, the basic laws of economics will kick on – prices will increase as the shortages continue. It’s a double whammy for consumers – not only will they suffer from the stock shortages, but they’ll be paying more for basics which they simply cannot afford!

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